Need to cancel an order?  This article can help.

Important!  An order can ONLY be cancelled by a shopper if preparing has not yet started. Review the order status to determine if the order is eligible for cancellation without assistance from the Community Archives Team.  To Cancel an order that is already in preparing status, please contact Shopper Support at 833-462-3627 or A Cancellation fee may apply.

Cancelling An Order

  • Visit the Marketplace and log in to your account with your email and password.

  • Once logged in, you will see all of your orders listed.  Click "View Details" of the order you need to Cancel.

  • Click "Cancel Order" which appears on the top right side.

  • Click 'Cancel Order"

If the 'Cancel order" button is greyed out, this means your order is already in the preparing status and you will need to contact the Community Archives team for assistance at 833-462-3627.  A cancellation fee may apply.