Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can more than one user be set up to receive a specific notification for any given Community? 

A: Yes!  

Q: Why am I receiving notifications for expired answers and documents when they are not actually expired?

A: This has to do with the effective date and/or update frequency set up for the document or answer.  Visit our article related to Community Documents for more information.

Q: I'm receiving notifications for a Community I that's not/no longer part of my portfolio.  How can this be updated?

A: Please follow the simple steps listed below for Managing Notifications.

Q: Why am I not receiving inspection notifications for my communities?


  • First, make sure you've opted in to the "Inspection" notification for the communities you need. See the steps below on viewing editing notifications.
  • If you have the appropriate notifications enabled, next you'll want to check your "Junk E-Mail" and "Clutter" folders to ensure the notifications are not being marked as spam.
  • Finally, if you have the notifications enabled AND they're not going to your Junk/Clutter folders, add "" as a contact in your contact list. This will ensure that notifications are not blocked before being received.

Managing Notifications

Client users may self-service the notification settings in V3.  Below is a list of the notification types and the purpose they serve:

  • Contributor – contributor notifications are sent whenever a document or answers to the questionnaire are needed by Community Archives.
  • Inspector – inspector notifications are sent whenever a CCI is ordered in Community Archives. 
  • Reviewer – reviewer notifications are sent whenever a document in the order should be reviewed before being delivered. *Note that additional set up will be required by Community Archives staff if the review function was not previously enabled.  Please contact Client Support to verify and/or update settings*
  • Preparer – preparer notifications are sent whenever preparing is not completed by Community Archives. 
  • Closing - provides a notification when a closing has been created, cancelled, or confirmed for a unit.

Complete the following steps to opt in or out of notifications:

  1. Click your name at the top-right and click “User Profile”
  2. Click “Notification Settings” at the bottom. Users can: 
    1. Filter the community list by typing in the search bar. 
    2. Add/remove notifications for all communities by clicking the green checkbox at the top of the table. 
    3. Add/remove individual notifications by checking the relevant boxes in the table.