Sometimes you'll need to add a credit card payment to an in-flight order. This typically happens when an order becomes blocked due to issues with the original payment when we attempt delivery.

This article outlines the steps in managing credit card payments on in-flight orders.


Section 1: Replacing an existing payment

  1. From the dashboard (, find the order you wish to make a payment for and click "View Details"
  2. Scroll down to the "Payment" section of the order, and click "cancel" next to the existing payment. Then click "ok"
    1. Note: if a 3rd party is responsible for payment, skip ahead to Section 2: Requesting a new payment from a 3rd party, instead of proceeding to the next step.
  3. The existing payment should show "Voided" and you should now see the "Add Credit Card Payment" button. Click that and enter your payment information. Then click "Confirm"

You're done! You should see the order is paid in full and see both the old and new payments.

*IMPORTANT* Your payment amount should NOT include the convenience fee as this is added on top of your balance.

Section 2: Requesting a new payment from a 3rd party

Follow the steps below to request a new payment from a 3rd party.

  1. From the "Payment" section of your order, find the "Payor" label and click "change"
  2. If the current payor is "Third Party" change back to "Self" and then click "Update." If not, continue to step 3.
  3. If the current payor is "Self" change to "Third Party," enter the payor's email address, then click "Update"

This will send a new payment request to the email address you provided. Below is an example: